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APIVITA Herbal Cream with Propolis 40ml APIVITA Herbal Cream with Propolis 40ml
-30 %
95% natural ingredientsPropolis is a bee product known for its mild antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Traditionally used for:minor injuriesabrasionspimplesskin with acnefungal skin infectionsagainst herpesContains: 1% propolis oil, 0.5% propolis infusion, 5% propolis tincture.Excl..
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Leg Balm with herbal extracts.Pleasantly soothing medicinal herb balm for legs and feet.Allantoin and bisabolene, active ingredients of horse chestnut and chamomile, as well as panthenol have a soothing effect on reddening and uncleanness of the skin.Together with extracts from the Virginian witch h..
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KRAUTERHOF Callus Balsam 250ml
-2 %
Brand: Krauterhof
Especially designed for coarse heels, corns on the feet, hardened skin areas on the elbows and knees.Reduces the vaginal skin gently and effectively. At the same time, this light, pleasantly flavored balsam intensively hydrates the skin, regains its softness and elasticity.Active ingredientsPeeling ..
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URGO Cracks Hands & Feet 3.25ml
-35 %
Brand: URGO
Liquid patch ready to use for the treatment of chapped skin on the heelsThe UGGO Filmogel fluid pad for the treatment of chapped skin on the FEET AND HANDS  once applied to the chapped skin, creates a transparent protective film which:Fills the opening & prevents a new cracking of the skinP..
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URGO Filmogel Damaged Nails by Mycosis and mild traumatism 3.3ml
-35 %
Brand: URGO
Nails damaged by mycosis and trauma. Sanitises, regenerates, protects. Urgo Nails Damaged by mycosis and trauma is used from the first signs of visible nail attack. New technology: forms a film that integrates with the structure of the nail to cleanse, regenerate and protect it. ..
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