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Blood Glucose Test Strips

ABBOTT FreeStyle Lite 50 Blood Glucose test strips
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Brand: Abbott
FreeStyle blood sugar test strips, which are only compatible with the integrated Freestyle Freedom Lite monitoring system, by Abbott Diabetes Care, a specialist in the field.The system is small in size for easy transport and discreet measurement day - night anywhere.The package contains 50 test stri..
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ABBOTT Freestyle Precision Glucose Test Strips 50pcs
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Brand: Abbott
Abbott's new FreeStyle Precision glucose strips, which do not require coding, work in just 5 seconds, while operating with a very small amount of blood, ensuring a truly painless and simple measurement.The easy placement of blood prevents the unnecessary waste of test strips while the unique chemica..
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BAYER Ascensia Contour Next test strips 50 pcs BAYER Ascensia Contour Next test strips 50 pcs
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Brand: BAYER
For use with Bayer's CONTOUR ® blood glucose meter.Compatible with the CONTOUR® XT meters deliver reliable results.Designed to operate with CONTOUR® XT multi-pulse technology.Excellent accuracy, even at low blood glucose levels.No CodingTM technology that eliminates errors from incorrect coding.They..
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Brand: Nipro
Pack of 50 blood glucose strips for Trueresult Twist meter.Easy measurment without pain.No requirement of large sample of blood. True Result Test Strips How can one do blood glucose tests in their home? NIPRO ..
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Roche Accutrend Glucose test strips 25 pcs
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Brand: Roche
Accutrend glucose test strips are used for quantitative detection of blood sugar in conjunction with the Accutrend Plus testing device (Art. No. 128633). Only 1 drop of fresh capillary blood is necessary for testing.For use with the Accutrend Plus system from RocheHigh precision and accuracy over th..
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