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Nasal Congestion

APIVITA Herbal Cream with Eucalyptus 40ml APIVITA Herbal Cream with Eucalyptus 40ml
-10 %
97% natural ingredientsEucalyptus is known for its beneficial action in treating the cold symptoms. Traditionally used for:relief from common coldfreeing the breathmuscle aches caused from flue infectionExclusive innovation: APIVITA replaces the water with eucalyptus infusion to enhance the antibact..
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APIVITA Natural Oil Massage Oil with Eucalyptus 50ml APIVITA Natural Oil Massage Oil with Eucalyptus 50ml
-10 %
100% natural ingredientsEucalyptus essential oil helps decongest your chest to ease your breathing, soothes coughing and helps treat a sore throatEchinacea oil invigorates the immune system helping to fight symptoms of the common coldPine essential oil targets muscular pain from the cold or fluRosem..
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Brand: gsk
Drug-free nasal strips are easy to apply and offer relief from nasal congestion caused by allergies or colds...
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PHYSIOMER Fort Jet can be used to:COLDSImprove breathing :+45%Reduce nasal symptomsImprove the general state of healthReduce reliance on medicationPOST-OPERATIVE CARESignificantly reduce nasal symptomsAccelerate healingPrevent the occurrence of post-operative complications INGREDIENTS100% natur..
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