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ABOCA RuscoVen Bio Gel 100ml ABOCA RuscoVen Bio Gel 100ml
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Brand: Aboca
Gel for the relief of discomfort in lower limbsOrganic productHigh content of active substancesExtracts of ruscus, horse chestnut, red vine, hydrocotylDoes not contain GMOsActs throughout the dayAboca RuscoVen bioGel is an organic herbal gel consisting of a combination of ingredients designed to red..
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APIVITA Herbal Cream Gel with Arnica 40ml APIVITA Herbal Cream Gel with Arnica 40ml
-25 %
97% natural ingredientsArnica is known for its property to reduce edema and improve microcirculation. Traditionally used for:bruises, swellings caused by falls, sprainsmuscular painrelief after intense exerciseswollen, tired feetrelief against insect bitesExclusive innovation: APIVITA replaces the w..
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APIVITA Herbal Cream with Propolis 40ml APIVITA Herbal Cream with Propolis 40ml
-25 %
95% natural ingredientsPropolis is a bee product known for its mild antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Traditionally used for:minor injuriesabrasionspimplesskin with acnefungal skin infectionsagainst herpesContains: 1% propolis oil, 0.5% propolis infusion, 5% propolis tincture.Excl..
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Brand: Caudalie
A rich cream that nourishes, softens and repairs feet.Enriched with Vinolevure®, grape-seed oil and organic fair trade shea butter, this creamy balm intensely nourishes and repairs feet without leaving a greasy finish. Its cooling texture immediately soothes feet, for the ultimate moment of wellbein..
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KRAUTERHOF Callus Balsam 250ml
-22 %
Brand: Krauterhof
Especially designed for coarse heels, corns on the feet, hardened skin areas on the elbows and knees.Reduces the vaginal skin gently and effectively. At the same time, this light, pleasantly flavored balsam intensively hydrates the skin, regains its softness and elasticity.Active ingredientsPeeling ..
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KRAUTERHOF Cream Herbs & Milk Fat 100ml
-10 %
Brand: Krauterhof
Gentle care for chapped lips, dry and dehydrated skinGentle care for chapped lips, dry and dehydrated skin. Soothes, nourishes and softens the skin, restores its elasticity. Contains extracts of selected herbs, glycerin and panthenol. Suitable for the whole family.Active ingredientsGlycerinPanthenol..
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KRAUTERHOF Cream with Horse-Chestnut & Red Vine Leaves 250ml
-18 %
Brand: Krauterhof
Regenerative care for tired, heavy, swollen or numb feet.It combines herbal extracts with properties that complement each other and ensure unique protection of the veins and antioxidant action.Regular use of the cream helps reduce swelling and a feeling of tiredness and heaviness in the lower extrem..
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KRAUTERHOF Foot Cream 100ml
-22 %
Brand: Krauterhof
Refreshes and restores softness and comfort. The base of rich formula is extracts of wild red and red vine leaves that strengthens the walls of the blood vessels and helps to relieve the feeling of weight and fatigue on legs and feet. In addition, carote butter and alantoin nourish the skin deep and..
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SCHOLL Active Repair K+ Regenerating Cream for Cracked Heels 60ml
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Brand: Scholl
Regenerating creamFor cracked heelsWith Active Repair K+UnscentedDermatologically testedScholl Regenerating Cream for Cracked Heels is ideal for heels that look discolored with dim white slits.Enriched with Active Repair K+ with keratin, to support the process of natural recovery of dry skin.Regener..
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