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Nasal Congestion

Brand: Chicco
Practical and delicate nasal aspirator from Chicco that removes nasal secretions produced in excess and that make it difficult to breath and the rest of the baby. A calm nose encourages breastfeeding. The ergonomic shape of the vacuum cleaner PhysioClean makes it very easy to use. Its nozzle is made..
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Marimer Baby Daily Nasal Hygiene Spray 100ml
-35 %
Brand: Gilbert Lab
Isotonic seawater solutionSterileDaily nasal hygieneNasal cleansing & hydrationSuitable from birthWithout preservativesErgonomic nozzleMarimer Baby is a sterile isotonic seawater solution, 100% natural and rich in minerals & marine trace elements. It has a gentle fine-grained spray mechanism..
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Babies below the age of 2 cannot blow their own noses. Luckily there is the PHYSIOMER Nasal Aspirator, which is specially designed to gently, effectively and quickly relieve stuffy noses. The nasal aspirator has an ultra-soft tip that does not irritate the delicate noses of tiny babies; it removes e..
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