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PharmaQ Stomatovis paste 5 ml

PharmaQ Stomatovis paste 5 ml
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PharmaQ Stomatovis paste 5 ml
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Product Description

  • Innovative product for cold sores and stomatitis Stomatovis
  • Panthenol, Aloe, A, D Vitamins and Zinc Oxide
  • Creating a protective film
  • Medical device IIa
  • Suitable for children, pregnant and breastfeeding

Stomatovis is characterized by the unique combination of ingredients (Panthenol, Aloe, Vitamins A & E and Zinc Oxide) resulting in the most active formula for the treatment of ulcers from aphthae and stomatitis.

Stomatovis Paste is indicated for the treatment of ulcers resulting from localized foot ulcers (foot stomatitis). Aphthae are one of the most common pathological conditions of the oral mucosa and with the local application of the protective paste that adheres to the affected area, immediate relief and treatment is achieved.

Stomatovis Mouthwash is an oral solution for the protection of the oral mucosa. Treats the symptoms associated with stomatitis of various etiologies, and gingivitis. It has a moisturizing effect and maintains the normal state of the oral cavity.

Medical device IIa

Instructions of use

Apply a small amount of the product on the affected area.

  • Moisturizes
  • Regenerates
  • It heals
  • Heals the wound
  • Protective action

For adults and children.


Χylitol, D- Panthenol, carboxymethyl beta-glucan, aloe vera extract, mallow mucilage, tocopheryl acetate, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, vitamin A palmitate, zinc oxide, chlorobutanol, cupric chorophyll, mineral oil, petrolatum, PVM/MA Ca/Na salt, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, flavouring.


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