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Cue Ear drops 15 ml

Cue Ear drops 15 ml
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Cue Ear drops 15 ml
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Product Description

Effective solution to external otitis
Cue is the Ear Solution for External Otitis. Exterior handling is ensured by the CUE, with its specially designed and balanced composition of components. 3-4 drops, twice a day.

New epithelial cells develop after 7 days of topical CUE treatment. Mycelia have been exterminated and a small number of spores remain. After 15 days of treatment with CUE epithelial integrity has been restored. Cellular nuclei in their typical form and cytoplasmic components can be identified while spores and texture are not detected.

  • Clibazole 1%: Broad spectrum antibacterial and antifungal activity
  • Acetic acid (pH: 4): Neutralizes mycelia
  • Licorice: Strong local anti-inflammatory action
  • Essential Oils: Synergy with Climazole action
  • Allantoin: Restores epithelial integrity
  • Glycerol: Softening and soothing action

* With European Union (CE) quality certification, Cue is marketed in the Greek pharmacy market by Pharma Q.

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