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OLVOS SCIENCE Cretan Iama Vitamin D3 14 softgels OLVOS SCIENCE Cretan Iama Vitamin D3 14 softgels
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3 greek herbs & vitamin DFor the immune systemFor flu and coldsBased on extra virgin olive oil2 soft gels per dayCretan Iama Vitamin D3 contains a combination of three greek herbs (thyme, sage and dittany) and vitamin D based on extra virgin olive oil, to strengthen the body's defenses and natur..
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OLVOS SCIENCE Flamigel 50gr
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Ηealing gelRelieves painProtects against re-infectionIdeal for adults and young childrenSuitable for wounds, burns and ulcersFlamigel® is a hydroactive patch in the form of a colloidal gel, which covers and protects the wound.Flamigel® cares for the microenvironment of the wound. In particular, than..
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