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PharmaQ Nasodren nasal spray 50 ml

PharmaQ Nasodren nasal spray 50 ml
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PharmaQ Nasodren nasal spray 50 ml
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Product Description

  • Natural Cyclamen Bulb Extract - Europaeum L.
  • Eliminates accumulated mucus
  • Relieves the symptoms of sinusitis
  • No drugs
  • Absolutely natural composition
  • For adults and children
  • No preservatives, flora or excipients

PharmaQ Nasodren nasal spray is a nasal spray made from natural cyclamen extract, which acts immediately and effectively to relieve the symptoms of sinusitis with a natural mechanism of action.

Nasodren's mechanism of action stimulates the normal nasal mechanisms that activate the elimination of accumulated mucus from the nose and paranasal sinuses. In this way it drains the accumulated mucus, thus clearing the nasal cavities and relieving the feeling of face pain and nasal congestion.

It is extremely safe, without interactions and one package is enough for a complete treatment cycle. It does not contain cortisone and is synergistically co-administered with antibiotics and isotonic / hypertonic solutions.

Medical device product class I

Instructions of use

1 spray per day for 7-10 days. No inhalation required.

  • Immediate nasal decongestion
  • Ideal for postoperative treatment

For adults and children over 5 years.


It is recommended to be avoided by people with allergies to cyclamen and plants of the Primulacea family, people with polyps of the nose and sinuses.


It does not contain additional excipients and flora.

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