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URGO Cold Sore Filmogel 3ml

URGO Cold Sore Filmogel 3ml
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URGO Cold Sore Filmogel 3ml
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URGO for Herpes effectively isolates the affected areas and reduces infection. 

It also reduces pain, itching and burning. 

It works from the first signs of herpes shortening its duration because after applying the preparation to the wound, a protective coating forms on its surface. 

Film with healing and accelerating healing properties. 

The dressing is waterproof and invisible. It adapts perfectly to the size of herpes and treats it really effectively and discreetly. 

The URGO herpes preparation has been developed for practical, safe and hygienic application.

Apply a thin layer of the preparation to herpes using a disposable spatula included in the package. There may be a temporary tingling or burning sensation during application. Leave to dry for 1-2 minutes.

The time it takes to dry depends on the amount of preparation applied.

After application, herpes will be covered with a transparent filter.

Repeat the application from 2 to a maximum of 4 times a day, if the film no longer covers herpes.

Continue to use until the cold sore heals completely.

To reduce the outbreak of herpes, the preparation should be applied from the first signs of herpes (tingling, itching, burning).

Composition: cellulose torch, inorganic acid, carboxylic acid, vegetable oil, alcohol, water

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