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LANES Kcaligram 7 days 14 caps

LANES Kcaligram 7 days 14 caps
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LANES Kcaligram 7 days 14 caps
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Slimming within 7 days

For retention and cellulite

It acts thermogenetically

Reduces the desire for sweets

Free of sugar and gluten

Lanes instant action slimming formula is an innovative product that helps to quickly reduce weight and retain excess body fluids.

The active ingredients of the formula, cranberry, honeysuckle, lespentetsa, pineapple, pomegranate, chromium and honeysuckle, help reduce fluid retention and reduce swelling in just 7 days.

In particular, it activates the metabolism by increasing the thermogenesis of food. Reduces retention, activates the microcirculation to remove fat and eliminates cellulite. In addition, due to the chromium, it helps to reduce the need for "snacking", thus reducing the intake of calories and therefore achieving a reduction in body weight.*

* The above information about the ingredients of the product are the results of studies. They are not an EFSA opinion.


Recommended dosage:

1 pink and 1 beige tablet a day

Instructions of use

It is recommended to take one after breakfast and one after lunch.

Does not contain sugar 

Suitable for vegeterians

EOF Notification Number:80392/17.10.13. The Notification Number of EOF is not a marketing authorization.

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