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FREZYDERM Holistic Calendula Cream 50m

FREZYDERM Holistic Calendula Cream 50m
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FREZYDERM Holistic Calendula Cream 50m
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Frezyderm Holistic Calendula Cream 50ml

Cream for face and body that relieves, hydrates, soothes and helps to balance skin disorders. Thanks to the innovative FD Symbiosis Complex active ingredient that is formulated, it effectively strengthens the skin barrier, maintains the balance of the skin flora and helps the skin eliminate toxins. At the same time, two key anti-irritant active ingredients work in perfect synergy to provide ultimate skin comfort and care: Calendula Officinalis and Zanthoxylum Alatum.

The cream, like the rest of the range, has a unique combination of:

Picea Abies Extract (Norwegian Fir) & Magnolia Extract to balance skin microflora, antioxidant and anti-irritant action,

Coconut, Olive, Sugar cane and Babassu vegetable oils from renewable natural sources, for strong skin protection.

Suitable for: 

Adults and children

Mild irritation and redness

Dry and sensitive skin

After-shave after shaving

No fragrance, color, Parabens / Silicon free / EO free

Compatibility with homeopathy

85% soothing action (volunteer self-assessment)

67.5% anti-wrinkle action (volunteer self-assessment)

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