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FREZYDERM Active Sun Screen Innovative Black Fluid SPF50 50ml

FREZYDERM Active Sun Screen Innovative Black Fluid SPF50 50ml
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FREZYDERM Active Sun Screen Innovative Black Fluid SPF50 50ml
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Active face sunscreen, a liquid cream with very high protection. Offers complete sun protection, hydration and anti-aging action.

An active liquid face sunscreen cream with a unique composition. Its advanced formula combines 3 innovations in 1, to cover every need of the skin, providing:

Very high sun protection

Long-term hydration

Powerful action against time-related and photo-agingThanks to the DETOX PLANT CHARCOAL (active carbon) innovation, ACTIVE SUN SCREEN has a special black pigment to indicate the precise area of sunscreen application (without coloring the skin), securing even application and therefore more effective sun protection, while providing a powerful detoxifying action.

In addition, its composition is enriched with Glycogen, a marine-derived polysaccharide, which protects from the consequences of exposure to electromagnetic radiation, while the precious, herbal, cotton stem cells create a protective shield against the solid particles of atmospheric pollutants.

With cutting-edge, photostable UVA/UVB/VIS/IR filters.

Ideal for the intolerant as it protects against redness and telangiectasias.

Thin, non-oily texture which leaves skin feeling cool

Suitable For

•    Light phototypes

•    Skin with photosensitivity

•    Prevention of photo-aging

•    Prevention of redness and telangiectasias

•    All ages

•    Men & Women

•    All skin types

•    Intolerant skin

Smooth evenly on the face without neglecting the difficult areas such as the ears, forehead and nose. Use enough quantity of sunscreen; one teaspoon for an adult’s face. The black pigment, indicates the precise area of application, ensuring its effective application. Its gradual fading secures a uniform application of the sunscreen. Apply the sunscreen on dry skin, 20-30 minutes before sun-exposure and reapply every 2 hours, or right after swimming or towel drying. Avoid contact with fabrics.

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