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DUREX Magic Box 72 pcs

DUREX Magic Box 72 pcs
DUREX Magic Box 72 pcs
DUREX Magic Box 72 pcs
DUREX Magic Box 72 pcs
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DUREX Magic Box 72 pcs
DUREX Magic Box 72 pcs
DUREX Magic Box 72 pcs
DUREX Magic Box 72 pcs
DUREX Magic Box 72 pcs
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12 Durex Extended Pleasure condoms 12 pcs with special lubricant that helps delay ejaculation

12 Durex Perfomax Intense condoms designed for mutual climax. With special lubricant that helps delay ejaculation. Ribbed and dotted for maximum enjoyment

12 Durex Invisible very thin condoms. The thinnest Durex condoms

12 Durex Sensitive condoms

6 Durex Classic condoms easy to wear

6 Durex Total Contact Ultra Thin Condoms

6 Durex Pleasuremax condoms with dots and stripes

6 thin Durex Real Feel condoms for a natural feel

Condoms with natural skin feel. Newest generation of condoms with advanced technology material

Durex Quality: 100% electronically checked with 5 additional quality checks carried out on every batch. They are also dermatologically tested.


Before using each condom, check the expiration date on the condom package. If the condom package is visibly damaged, discard it and use a new one from intact packaging. 

Wear a condom before the other person touches the penis. This helps prevent an unwanted pregnancy and reduces the chance of catching a sexually transmitted disease. 


Open the wrapper from the serrated edge. Handle the condom carefully, as it may be damaged by nails or sharp objects. 

With the roller on the outside, push the end and place the condom on the tip of the erect penis. 

Fold it down to the base of the penis. Stop and check if you feel that the condom is slipping or pressing too hard on the penis, because there is a chance that it will break. The condom should be removed shortly after ejaculation. The condom should be held firmly by the base of the penis before it is removed. 

Discard the wrapper and the used condom in the trash. Do not throw it in the toilet. 


This condom is made of natural rubber latex, which can cause an allergic reaction and even anaphylactic shock if the user is allergic to latex. 

STOP USE in case: you do not feel comfortable or feel any discomfort while using the condom. 

Use each condom only once. Reuse increases the risk of breaking or getting a disease. 

If you use a condom first for oral sex, you will need to use a new condom for any other type of sexual intercourse that follows. 

Use only lubricants recommended for concomitant use with condoms. Oil-based lubricants (Vaseline, baby oil, paraffin vaginal supplements) and some topical medications applied to the penis or vagina can damage the condom. 

For anal sex use additional lubricant (do not use Durex Guarana) on the outside of the condom. 


Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure if you are allergic to latex or if there is any irritation or discomfort after use or if you are taking medicines that are applied topically to the penis or vagina. use consult your doctor or pharmacist very immediately and within 72 hours. 

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