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APIVITA My Color Elixir 4.20 Brown Violet

APIVITA My Color Elixir 4.20 Brown Violet
APIVITA My Color Elixir 4.20 Brown Violet
APIVITA My Color Elixir 4.20 Brown Violet
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APIVITA My Color Elixir 4.20 Brown Violet
APIVITA My Color Elixir 4.20 Brown Violet
APIVITA My Color Elixir 4.20 Brown Violet
APIVITA My Color Elixir 4.20 Brown Violet
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APIVITA’s My Color Elixir permanent hair color has been specially designed to focus on safety, naturalness and a professional color result with respect to the natural balance of the scalp.

It is enriched with the innovative COLOR MAGNET that stabilizes and seals the color into the hair structure.

It offers full grey coverage and an impressive vibrant, longer lasting color.

It has a pleasant fragrance and a formula that respects the scalp’s natural balance. The texture is creamy and does not drip, to ensure easy application.

Ensure maximum color intensity and a long-lasting color result in just 2 steps:

Step 1: Achieve full grey coverage and shine by using the hair color cream with 3 precious oils of argan, avocado and olive, which act in combination to stabilize the color and repair the hair structure, while coloring your hair.

Step 2: Increase the intensity and shine with the post color hair conditioner with hyaluronic acid and honey extract, which moisturizes hair, creating a protective film that seals the color into the hair structure and enhances shine in colored hair.

The package contains:

1. Hair color cream in a tube, 50ml

2. Color developer in a bottle with applicator, 75ml

3. Post color hair conditioner in 2 sachets of 15ml

4. Disposable gloves glued on the back of the instruction leaflet

5. Ιnstruction leaflet


1.Take off all your jewelry

2.Protect your clothes covering your shoulders with a towel.

3.Wear the gloves provided during the entire color application stage

4.Apply a small amount of oil around the hairline to avoid staining the skin in that area 


1.For best results, make sure that room temperature during application is not below 20oC

2.For longer-lasting color, don’t shampoo hair more than once for 24 hours after application

3.Conduct the sensitivity test 48 hours before application to check your personal tolerance to the product

4.Avoid hair mask & oil treatments one week before and one week after hair coloring.

Tips For Color Selection

If you have natural, virgin hair, you can lighten your hair color from 1 to 3 levels compared to your roots natural shade and you can darken it by selecting any color you prefer.

If your hair is already colored, choose a color of the same level as the current color of your colored hair or a color of a darker level.

If you have more than 50% grey hair or stubborn grey hair, combine the color of your choice with the corresponding color from the range of NATURAL colors.

E.g., if you choose color 7.44, mix half a tube of that color with half a tube of color 7.0 from the NATURAL range.

For the hair ends use shade 7.44 on its own.

If you have highlights and you want to darken them, choose a warm or neutral tone to avoid undesirable green hue.

If you have very light, bleached hair (level 9 or 10) or bleached highlights, avoid cold tones. Hair salon techniques might be necessary to obtain an uniform coverage.

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