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AG PHARM Gift Box Eye Serum 3x2ml, Whitening Serum 2x2ml & Derma Roller 0.25mm

AG PHARM Gift Box Eye Serum 3x2ml, Whitening Serum 2x2ml & Derma Roller 0.25mm
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AG PHARM Gift Box Eye Serum 3x2ml, Whitening Serum 2x2ml & Derma Roller 0.25mm
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Gift box containing the ampoules that make up the beauty protocol "Eyes-Dark circles-Whitening" and the agPharm derma roller 0.25mm with titanium needles.


3 ampoules of eye serum

2 ampoules of whitening serum

1 pipette

1 derma roller 0.25mm

The thin concentrated Whitening Serum treats color imperfections, discolorations, dark circles, stains and signs of aging allowing the face to acquire a uniform color tone and glow.

Incorporates the active ingredients Ethylascorbic acid and Arbutin that treat various aesthetic skin pigment problems by contributing to:

Treatment of existing discolorations (spots, freckles, dark circles).

Restoration of skin color uniformity.

Dealing with daily attacks and irritations that lead to hyperchromia and blemishes.

Suitable for all skin types.


Shake the ampoule well and apply the serum at night on the areas that show hyperchromia (face, décolleté after good cleansing).

Avoid sun exposure.

AG Pharm Eyes Serum Tired Eye Serum

Eyes Serum contains Haloxyl, which improves the appearance of dark circles and tired eyes.

The active ingredients of the serum give:



Deep hydration


Soft and velvety feeling

Suitable for all skin types.


Hold the ampoule upright carefully and break it at its thin spot.

Apply all the contents morning and night on clean skin (in the area around the eyes) before your moisturizer, with gentle straight movements of the fingers and facing from the center to the outside.

AG Pharm Derma Roller System 0.25mm

A specialized product made of medical steel micro-needles, suitable for all ages and skin types, helps to restore every skin, in a natural, economical and impressively effective way, for professional & personal use, with zero side effects.

The Derma Roller System:

Suitable for Men & Women

Reduces wrinkles & fine lines

Against skin aging

Reduces acne scars

Tightens and smoothes the skin

The effectiveness of the Derma Roller System is based on micro-pin technology, and increases by about 2000% the absorption of active ingredients such as Vitamins, Amino Acids, Trace Elements and at the same time the natural production of Collagen.


The use of the Dermaroller System is done exclusively for your own skin.

Before using it, cleanse your skin very well by applying a cream or moisturizing serum (serum) from natural ingredients.

If you are using the Dermaroller System for the first time, start the application 1-2 times a week (Depending on the pressure you are applying), always at night 1 hour before bedtime.

The micro-needles are just as effective, without putting too much pressure on the points where you use them.

The Dermaroller System is placed at each point 10 times, always vertically or horizontally.

Organic products with natural ingredients are recommended because absorption is instant fast and much more efficient than when you were not using the Dermaroller System.

After the end of each use we put antiseptic and put it back in its case.

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