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A.VOGEL Milk Thistle 50ml

A.VOGEL Milk Thistle 50ml
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A.VOGEL Milk Thistle 50ml
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Tincture from a combination of fresh herbs artichoke, thistle, horseradish, bulldog and mint. Silivo mariano is a species of thistle, the flower of which is purple and contains seeds with strong medicinal properties for the liver. More than 200 experimental and clinical studies show that thistle is effective in treating liver diseases, including fatty liver, acute and chronic hepatitis, drug damage and exposure to toxic chemicals.Benefits It acts more effectively on damaged liver cells.

Helps regenerate damaged liver cells, restoring them to normal function. It has the ability to neutralize the toxic components that manage to penetrate inside the cells, while activating their protein synthesis, thus contributing to the regeneration of damaged tissues.

Dosage 15-20 drops of A.Vogel Milk Thistle Complex Drops in a little water, 2 times a day.

Ingredients Artichoke leaf extract 46%. Thistle fruit 32%. Fresh wild radish 12%. Fresh bulldo 7%. Fresh mint leaves. Alcohol content: 62% (w / v).

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