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Glucose-Cholesterol-Triglyceride Analyzers

Brand: BAYER
For use with Bayer's CONTOUR ® blood glucose meter.Compatible with the CONTOUR® XT meters deliver reliable results.Designed to operate with CONTOUR® XT multi-pulse technology.Excellent accuracy, even at low blood glucose levels.No CodingTM technology that eliminates errors from incorrect coding.They..
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Brand: Nipro
Pack of 50 blood glucose strips for Trueresult Twist meter.Easy measurment without pain.No requirement of large sample of blood...
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Brand: Roche
The Accutrend cholesterol test strips are meant for use in blood cholesterol testing with the Accutrend Plus meter. Only a single drop of capillary blood is necessary to measure the cholesterol levels, which are ready within 180 seconds. The cholesterol test strips guarantee high measuring accuracy ..
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Brand: Roche
Accutrend glucose test strips are used for quantitative detection of blood sugar in conjunction with the Accutrend Plus testing device (Art. No. 128633). Only 1 drop of fresh capillary blood is necessary for testing.For use with the Accutrend Plus system from RocheHigh precision and accuracy over th..
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Brand: Roche
The Accutrend Plus from Roche is a flexible, portable device for patient-side measurement of lactate and the three important cardiometabolic parameters: cholesterol, triglyceride and glucose.The Accutrend Plus meter helps with the early detection of cardiometabolic risks and with the follow-up of a ..
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