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LAVIPHARM Laviten System Anti Lice Solution 125ml
4-10 Days
Brand: Lavipharm
The active ingredient in Laviten Anti Lice Solution is Dimethicone (80%), a silicone that is completely safe and friendly to the skin and scalp and acts by causing lice to suffocate, leading to the death of both lice and their eggs (nits).Suitable for children over 6 months.ActionsIt traps and remov..
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Brand: Lavipharm
The innovative composition of Laviten Shampoo weakens the bond between the cone and the hair, while at the same time untangling and softening the hair. Using Laviten Comb, the cones are simply and effortlessly detached.Easy and effective from the 1st applicationFast & secureNo chemical insectici..
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