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LAVDANON Probiolac 10 caps

LAVDANON Probiolac 10 caps
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LAVDANON Probiolac 10 caps
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Probiolac is a unique complex of probiotics, vitamins and the inulin prebiotic.

Its uniqueness lies in its qualitative and quantitative composition of 4 billion cfu lactobacillus acpidophilus, 1 billion cfu bifidobacterium longum, 50mg nicotinamide, 1.5mg thiamine, 1.5mg riboflavin, 1.5mgg of pyridone, 1.5mg of pyrido .

The composition of inulin allows it to pass through the mouth without lesions in the large intestine and to be fermented by lactic enzymes.

It therefore enhances the proportion of beneficial bacteria in the colon and intestinal flora while maintaining normal function.

Probiotics keep the intestinal pathogenic bacteria in remission, aid digestion and absorption of nutrients, and contribute to immune function.

Suitable for:

-Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Vaginal infections

-Symptoms of diarrhea

Urinary tract infections

-Use of antibiotics by reversing the balance of the intestinal flora

-Ulcerative colitis

-Crohn's disease

-Disease from h.pylori

Digestive tract infection from clostridium difficile

Possible side effects of colon surgery and

Eczema - childhood eczema

Take one capsule daily with water.

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