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LANES Vitamin Ester-C 500mg Echinacea & Sambucus 20 eff tabs

LANES Vitamin Ester-C 500mg Echinacea & Sambucus 20 eff tabs
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LANES Vitamin Ester-C 500mg Echinacea & Sambucus 20 eff tabs
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Echinacea and Sambucus

Vitamin C in ester form

Strengthening the immune system

Effervescent tablets

Free of sugar and gluten

Suitable for vegetarians

Lanes Ester-C diet supplement with Echinacea and Sambucus nigra is a natural solution to treat not only the symptoms of flu and colds, but also to strengthen the immune system.

In particular, it consists of vitamin C in its ester form. In other words, Vitamin C is in the form of calcium ascorbic and not ascorbic acid, which makes it more absorbable and more friendly to the stomach.

In addition, it contains echinacea, the well-known herb with its beneficial properties in the body's defense. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the Committee for Herbal Medicinal Products (HMPC) have approved the use of echinacea as a traditional herbal short-term remedy for preventing and treating the symptoms of the common cold.

In addition, Sambucus, rich in anthocyanins, provide antioxidant protection against harmful free radicals and shield the body's defenses against pathogenic bacteria and viruses.


Recommended dosage:

1 tablet per day

Serving Size: 1 efferv. tab

Servings per Container: 20

                                            Amount Per Serving       % DV*

Ester-C (Vitamin C)             500 mg                             625

Echinacea                            100 mg                              -

Sambucus Nigra                  40 mg                                -

* % Daily Value

Other ingredients

Citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, sorbitol, Esther C-calcium calcium ascorbate, raspberry aroma, sambucus nigra-elderberry extract, acesulfame K, aspartame, echinacea extract, ribonium flaxseed.


It is recommended to be taken after the meal.

Does not contain gluten

Does not contain sugar

Suitable for vegeterians

EOF Notification Number:44363/26.6.15. The Notification Number of EOF is not a marketing authorization.

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