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INTERMED Babyderm Mouthwash Bubblegum 250ml

INTERMED Babyderm Mouthwash Bubblegum 250ml
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INTERMED Babyderm Mouthwash Bubblegum 250ml
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Fluoride solution that covers all the needs of children's oral hygiene. 

Suitable for children  from 6 years. 

It contains fluoride that strengthens the teeth and due to its special composition inhibits the formation of microbial plaque, even in the most difficult areas where the toothbrush does not reach and cares for sensitive baby gums.

With a  wonderful bubble gum taste  that drives children crazy and makes daily mouth care a game, it is their ideal companion for healthy teeth and gums.


Fights caries.

Strengthens teeth & gums.

Inhibits plaque formation.

Basic features

Contains 250 ppmF - as sodium fluoride, bis (hydroxyethyl) aminopropyl n-hydroxyethyl decaoctylamine dihydrofluoride.

Alcohol free, SLS & parabens.

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