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FREZYDERM Frezylac Silver 3 Powdered Cow's Milk 12m+ 400g

FREZYDERM Frezylac Silver 3 Powdered Cow's Milk 12m+ 400g
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FREZYDERM Frezylac Silver 3 Powdered Cow's Milk 12m+ 400g
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FREZYLAC SILVER 3 is a cow's milk powder that is suitable for infant feeding from the 12th month and is the ideal food as a transition from breastfeeding or from FREZYLAC SILVER 2. It can also replace any milk after infancy and childhood. It is produced from high quality cow's milk according to strict agriculture and livestock standards and is enriched with all the necessary ingredients that strengthen the baby's body. Vitamins, Minerals, Prebiotics, Nucleotides, DHA / ARA, are the ideal combination for proper infant growth, while the extra iron content covers the new increased infant at this stage of its life.

- High quality cow's milk

- Low levels of carbohydrates, saturated fat, sodium and potassium

- Ideal percentages in energy, proteins, vitamins and minerals

- Without GMOs (genetically modified)

- No flavorings, preservatives, colorants, artificial additives and gluten

- Enriched with extra iron

Suitable for

Infants and infants from the 12th month.


Boil fresh fresh water for 5 minutes and allow to cool to 40 ° C.Clear the required amount of boiled water (see table with reconstitution instructions) in the sterile bottle. Using the enclosed measuring tape measure the correct amount of powder. Cut the surface of each measuring tape with the back of a clean, dry knife and add. Close the bottle with the sterile cap and shake vigorously until the powder completely dissolves. Remove the cap and place the sterile nipple. Allow the contents to cool (37 ° C). Check the temperature by dropping a few drops inside your wrist.


On the shelf: 24 months

After opening: 3 weeks

The packaging includes a special note area of the opening date.

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