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CARROTEN Aquavelvet Moisturizing Suncare Milk SPF50 200ml

CARROTEN Aquavelvet Moisturizing Suncare Milk SPF50 200ml
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CARROTEN Aquavelvet Moisturizing Suncare Milk SPF50 200ml
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The moisturizing sunscreen emulsion, AQUAVELVET SPF30, offers easy and fast application thanks to the light and continuous micro-spray in all directions.

It offers enhanced protection to the skin, targeting the widest range of all sun rays.

At the same time, its innovative composition contains the 2-fold hydration and treatment system, Moisture Balance System, with Hyaluronic acid and Betaine, which offers rich hydration, strengthening the hydrolipid barrier of the skin. Incomparably velvety effect.

Supreme light technology (uvb + uva + vl + ira)

Deep hydration

Velvety skin

Sense of coolness

High protection

Dermatologically tested

Shake well before use. Spray evenly throughout the body, before sun exposure.

Repeat regularly, especially after swimming, wiping, and sweating. Reducing this amount will significantly reduce the level of protection.

Avoid sun exposure at noon (10am - 4pm).

Excessive sun exposure, even with the use of sunscreen, poses a serious health threat.

Sunscreen products do not provide 100% protection from UV radiation. Protect yourself by wearing a hat, T-shirt and sunglasses.

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