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APIVITA Body Milk Pure Jasmine 200ml

APIVITA Body Milk Pure Jasmine 200ml
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APIVITA Body Milk Pure Jasmine 200ml
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Apivita Body Milk Pure Jasmine Pure Jasmine 200ml

Moisturization and Protection – Softness and Elasticity - Euphoria and Well-Being Sensation

Moisturizing aromatherapy inspired Body Milk. Treats the skin, leaving it soft and lightly scented,. It provides a luxurious sensation of well being thanks to its unique jasmine-based scent.

The moisturizing complex consisting of Greek thyme honey and hyaluronic acid immediately provides intensive hydration, reinforcing the skin's hydrolipidic film.

Greek olive oil, almond oil, shea butter and beeswax protect the skin's elasticity, leaving it extremely soft.

Organic lavender extract from APIGEA, bioactive aloe and panthenol enhance the moisturizing effect of the product and protect against irritation.

Organic jasmine, neroli and patchouli essential oils offer a unique sense of well being and euphoria.

Unique scent with relaxing jasmine notes.

Has an excellent texture that spreads easily and absorbs quickly.

The patented infusion of a 3 organic sideritis species combination from the organic cultivations of APIGEA (Sideritis Scardica, Sideritis Perfoliata, Sideritis Raeseri) is used in place of water, enhancing the product's anti-oxidant and moisturizing effect.

98% natural origin

Dermatologically Tested

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